BF Summer School underway

Mónica López and Ruben Heuving (University of Groningen) together with Beatriz San Román (Autonomous University of Barcelona) welcomed
the participants of the BF Summer School.

Our Summer School, conceived as a space for reflection and collaborative learning, began on Monday 29 August. Participants from different countries will discuss the role of schools to improve students’ learning and wellbeing, with a special focus on children in alternative care and adopted children. The first sessions were devoted to analysing the connection between the child protection system and the school in order to create common ground among the participants, as well as to reflect on the school as a community. To do so, the participants started by discussing the case of a 8 y.o. child who recently moved into residential care and entered a new school with the aim of identifying the challenges not only for the child but also for her/his classmates, teachers, caregivers and the school institution represented by its headmaster.

At the end of the first day, participants were invited by the University of Groningen to a guided city tour and learnt about the history of this amazing Dutch city.

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